Production process

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Metal bearing cage

Stamped from a steel tape on eccentric presses with a C-type body with pressure of 63, 160, 200 tons and gate type double crank presses with pressure of 40, 80, 125 tons. The use of burr-free blanking technology with the maximization of material efficiency (production of several types of blanks in one shot).

Punching on eccentric presses with pressure of 35, 60, 100, 150, 250 tons with automatic feeding of the blank, transfer at individual stages of the process and orientation of the product.

Inserting rivets into bearing cages using riveting machines.


Metal bearing shield

Cutting and shaping the bearing shield from steel tape on eccentric presses with C-type body and pressure of 35, 60, 110 tons.


Polyamide bearing cage

The production of polyamide bearing cages from granulate in the injection molding process on injection molding machines with the pressure of 20, 50, 100 tons.


Other products for the automotive industry

Stamping in progressive technology and transfer on double-crank eccentric presses with pressure of 160, 200, 300 tons.