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Metal bearing cage

Metal bearing cage is a part mounted inside a ball bearing. The blank, which it is produced from, is blanked from a metal tape of proper thickness (blanking process) or is provided by a supplier. In the next step the blank is formed in a press machine, and as a result, it is produced as finished bearing cage. The final product consists of two identical cages, joint together with rivets. The cage retains balls between inner and outer rings inside the bearing. This is crucial component in ball bearings with a single groove.

Metal bearing shield

The shield is a part of a ball bearing, which is the cover for cages in an assembled bearing. Its main purpose is to protect the inner part of the bearing from external contamination and to maintain proper lubrication inside the bearing.

Polyamide bearing cage

Polyamide cage for ball bearings is manufactured in technology of injection molding. The stability of the production process parameters is ensured by modern machines and devices.

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